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Champion Trimbull Git-R-Done

AKA "Tyson"

(BISS CH Tmars Doulble Stuf x Trimbull Lady In Red)

(Tyson) AKC Champion English Bulldog Stud Service

Now Available for stud, CH Trimbull Git-R-Done.
We ship cooled/extended semen overnight.
Stud fee for Tyson is $600, which is to be paid in full before collection.

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Tyson is a unique fawn brindle & white, with an exceptionally thick coat. He has great confirmation, weighing 57 pounds with a deep chest and full brisket. In addition, he has very dark beautiful clear eyes, a nice layback on his forehead and a wide straight jaw. Tyson is a very sound dog with excellent structure and correct balance overall. He is a very energetic and playful bulldog with a comical nature that people adore; anyone who has been to our house can tell you what character he is. He loves to run and play with any toy he can get a hold of. At home playing keep away from the other dogs is his favorite game. In the ring, his energetic movement was one of his finest assets. Tyson enjoys perfect health, with no known allegories or genetic defects of any kind. As a stud dog Tyson’s semen is the best I have seem. He produces amazing calm, intelligent and exceptionally healthy puppies.

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Smokey Mountain Bulldog Club. 10/30/04.

Middle Peninsula Kennel Club. Williamsburg, VA 05/26/05. Judge: Fred C. Bassett.

Moore County Kennel Club. Pinehurst, NC 06/04/05. Judge: Dr. Richard Meen.

Mountaineer Kennel Club. Waynesburg, PA 06/24/05. Breeder Judge: Mr. David Kirkland.

South Hills Kennel Club. Waynesburg, PA 06/25/05. Judge: Mrs. Patricia Gellerman.

Carolina Kennel Club. Greensboro, NC 08/13/05. Judge: Mr. William Cunningham.

Tennessee Valley Kennel Club. Knoxville, TN 11/05/05. Breeder Judge: Mrs. Arlene F. Benko.

Greater Monroe Kennel Club. Concord, NC 11/26/05. Judge: Mrs. Myron (Corky) Gauger.

Greater Monroe Kennel Club. Concord, NC 11/27/05. Judge: Mrs. Florise Hogan.

Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers. Deland, FL 01/06/06. Breeder Judge: Mrs. Sandra Owen McBride.

Jacksonville Dog Fanciers. Deland, FL 01/08/06. Breeder Judge: Mrs. Linda L. Sigle.

NEW CHAMPION! Lawrenceville Kennel Club. Atlanta, GA 02/05/06. Breeder Judge: Mrs. Michelle Billings.

Tyson Photos

Bulldog Stud Services - Tyson

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Tyson - Champion Bulldog Stud Service

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Tyson checking in on the puppies!

Tyson with a few on his puppies

Tyson w/ 2 of his daughters: Montana & Hillary

Tyson w/ 2 of his daughters: Montana & Hillary.

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If you would like to trace Tyson's pedgree back farther,
please visit our Bulldog Pedigree Database

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Tyson is a proven bulldog stud.
Pictured below are just a few of his beautiful bulldog puppies.

under construction - photos coming soon

"Just a few Tyson Sired Litters"

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ChampionEnglish Bulldog Stud Service Available

We have 6 beautiful stud dogs for you to choose from. Our English Bulldog Studs are AKC Champions or pointed and still working on there championship. We ship cooled extended Bulldog semen overnight anywhere in the United States . We have 10+ years of experience with English Bulldog Stud Services and our stud service is guaranteed. We offer support thru the entire process from breeding to whelping.

Tyson - Grumpy - Ozzy - Mogie - Willie - Tigger

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